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wowgold2k.comFind out if WoWGold2K is legit or a scam site? Learn first-hand experiences about buying currency from this gold seller. Discover WoWGold2K delivery time and check out customer feedbacks to see answers to the most frequently asked questions: Is legit? Is WoWGold2K safe and reliable? WoWGold2K Review! Profile

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(Lightning Blade – 50K )
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Diablo 3 Gold
(US-Normal – 1,000M )
(88% Customers Gets Gold <0.5 Hour)


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There are 417,183 sites with a better three-month global Alexa traffic rank than About 11% of visits to it are referred by search engines. Visitors to the site view an average of 2.2 unique pages per day. We estimate that 31% of’s visitors are in China, where it has attained a traffic rank of 101,044. The site has a bounce rate of about 40% (i.e., 40% of visits consist of only one pageview).



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wowgold2k Review

WoWGold2k Review

Find out if WoWGold2K is legit or a scam site? Learn first-hand experiences about buying currency from this gold seller. Discover WoWGold2K delivery time and check out customer feedbacks to see answers to the most frequently asked questions: Is legit? Is WoWGold2K safe and reliable? WoWGold2K Review!

WoWGold2K Review: About was created May-2010 and it’s a WP-theme website-look that been ranking in Google for top and competitive keywords like wow gold, buy wow gold, cheap wow gold, etc. They are website domain registered in Sunnyvale, California 94089 according the

There are only selected services that WoWGold2K offers, in-game currency and in-game accounts only for World of Warcraft. They don’t offer other services or games maybe because they just to focus this site to WoW alone and just create another website for other games.

There are several ways in checking out your order or processing your order that offers, their mode of payment options are Paypal, Money Bookers and all major Credit Card.

WoWGold2k DON’T offer live chat and phone support. The only way to contact them is thru their email support.

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12 thoughts on “WoWGold2k Review

  1. If you have bought from, please share your experiences by replying to this WoWGold2k Review thread.

    Help us and your fellow players to buy virtual currency from LEGIT and SAFE SITES ONLY!

  2. I have ordered from this site in August 2012. The live support staff told me that if i ordered while staying in chat that they could deliver within 15m. I was purchasing 15k, and they told me that 40k was in stock. Needless to say, I waited hours to them to deliver, and when asked what the wait was for I was told that “Our guild bank seems to have stopped working.” which in my book is the most bullshit excuse/reason why gold isn’t being delivered. Though the gold is cheap, I would not ever recommend buying gold ever from this website. They stole my money, and will continue to steal others.

  3. I purchased 40k gold for roughly $73 dollars. I meet the “delivery man” and he gives me 14,700.
    so im just like wtf…guy logs off and stuff. So i reply back to “Jake” and no answer for the next 30 said fuckit went to work and came back just now..and talked to “Sali” and after told her the situation no reply now lmao. Use this site? Never. mmosavor is a great safe site ive been using. Use that ;)

  4. I got scammed by these guys as well. 20 bucks down the drain.They even made up a phony delivery id ‘intangible goods’

  5. got scammed too, 40 bucks, but, im only mad at myself at this point, should check on reviews first, got once on live chat with them, they told me: working on it, never heard from anymore, and, they turned off life chat after that, now, I just keep warning people, websites and in game, one more thing, noticed, if you click on wowgold2k official website, pops out ZAMGOLD instead, could be their new hybrid,

  6. mike here again, just one funny thing, after they screwed me up, I kept sending them emails, such a dirtbags they are etc, at evening, they brought live chat back on line, right away, told em, such a bunch of thieves and fuckfaces they are, imagine, they banned me, thieves stealing your money are banning you if you complain about it, isn’t a good one?

    1. sad to hear that Mike, what mode payment you used? If its Paypal you can file a dispute, i know its a long process but you need to get back what is taken from you. And hopefully Paypal banned WoWGold2K.

      If its via Credit Card you can immediately contact you bank to discuss about it.

      Its time to learn their lessons and thank you for your sharing your stories Mike. You really help a lot and its time for others to think million times before buying at WoWGold2k. I’m thinking of filing a petition for the site to be close and de-indexed by Google from their search list.


  7. I called before I purchased and was told they have 120k in stock on my server and 20k could be delivered within 30 minutes. I placed the order while still in chat. After my order goes through the operator tells me she has to go cause it is the end of her shift. 1` hour later still no gold so I go back top their chat, this time they tell me that there is no gold in stock on that server and that I would have to wait till they could fill the order. She said that they would send me an email when they got the gold ready. Asked for a supervisor, none on duty, asked for a refund and was told there is no one that can process refunds on duty. These people are the biggest liars and thieves that claim to sale WoW gold. I wouldn’t buy from them again ever.

  8. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SITE, from looking at the post I wished I had come here first., called in and was 600k in stock and to order while the chat was on with me so I did and was told to be online for the next 30 min, 4 days later and 2 calls in to them still no gold and there very sorry still waiting to see if I get my refund good thing I paid via paypal

  9. same thing happen to me told me gold was in stock so i placed a order ones i did they said there was no gold in stock and they would call me when it was rdy this when on for about 28 days and still no gold so i ask for my $ back they said ok check bank in 48hrs i waited 3 days no refund try to go back to live chat banned and no responses for emails do not use this site!

    1. May I know what mode of payment you used? You can file a dispute if you use Paypal or talk to your bank if you use Credit Card. Hope this help to retrieve your money.. in case you will decided to buy gold again, make a research first look for reviews and ask for your friends recommendation to avoid this incident.

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