SWTOR Saviour Review

SWTOR Savior Guide Review

SWTOR Savior Guide reviewSWTOR Savior Review – Below is product review about SWTOR Savior, 12 reasons why you must choose SWTOR Savior compare to other guides. Also listed below are guide features, user feedback and comments. Also stated below are their differences compared to other SWTOR guides in-terms of leveling and fastest way to get credits. With our review, user feedback and comments about this guide will aid you to answer the question: Is SWTOR Savior Scam or Legit SWTOR Guide.


Level 1 – 50 in 6 Days, Find out How!


SWTOR Savior GuideSWTOR Savior is created by TEAM of veteran players who is been playing since beta, master all the techniques for fast leveling and quickest strategy to get credits. They been tested multiple builds that dominate PvP and they all documented here at SWTOR Savior. Below are 12 reasons why this guide is superior prior to other guides.



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12 Reasons Why You Should Have SWTOR Savior Guide

  1. SWTOR Savior is a complete step-by-step leveling guide from 1 to 50 and you will guarantee the fastest route. Filled by high definitions of maps and screenshots for all classes.
  2. It has build guides in full rotations for PVE (leveling), PVP, Flashpoints and operations
  3. Teach you how to dominate warzones, which equips are highly recommended to use and how to maximize your character skills
  4. They have credits guides that will show you how to use the GTN and make huge amount of credits fast
  5. Complete guides to ALL Flashpoints and Operations in the game
  6. Complete crew skills guide to boost speed in leveling and make credits from gathering, crafting and from your missions skills.
  7. It is now updated for Patch 1.4
  8. Guides are all supported by a 1080p HD Videos for detailed instructions and a real video proof of level 50’s and best gear
  9. Gives you an access to SWTOR Savior VIP Forum that has over 2000 members where you can ask questions from their team or fellow players and get a daily credit guide update
  10. Get a CONSTANT help from the SWTOR Savior team, other members and you can also contribute if you wish as well
  11. A 60-Days No Question Asked Money Back Guaranteed
  12. Guide will never be updated because of VIP forums daily update


SWTOR Savior Guide Features:

checkSWTOR Savior Beginner Guides

    • Beginner’s Guide
    • User Interface Guide
    • SWTOR Game Mechanics
    • Beginner Class and Skills Guides
    • Complete Leveling Guides Both Written & HD Videos For All Classes & Advanced Classes!
    • Fastest Questing Route Guaranteed.
    • Detailed Maps, Waypoints And Coordinates!
    • HD Leveling Videos So You Never Get Lost!


checkMaster All SWTOR Classes Fast!

    • Builds For All 8 Classes & Advanced Classes!
    • Leveling Builds For All Classes & Advanced Classes!
    • PVP Builds For All Classes & Rotations!
    • Flashpoint & Operation Builds & Rotations!


checkSWTOR Credit Guides

    • Master The GTN (Global Trade Network)
    • SWTOR Crew Skills Guide
    • SWTOR Credit Strategies
    • Dailies Guide


checkUpdated For Patch 1.2

    • Master The NEW Legacy System!
    • Operation Guide: Explosive Conflict
    • Flashpoint Guide: The Lost Island
    • Warzone Guide: Novare Coast
    • UI Customisation
    • Warzone Rankings Guide
    • New Corellia Daily Missions Guides
    • New Gear Guides


checkUpdated For Patch 1.4

    • Terror From Beyond Guide
    • Dread Gear Guide
    • Group Finder Guide
    • Emotes System



    • BIOChem Guide
    • Ultimate GTN Guide
    • PVP Dominator
    • Novare Coast Warzone Guide


Lastly, If looking for most complete guide leveling and credit guide in Star Wars: The Old Republic I might say SWTOR Savior has the closest to better. It is supported with high quality images, 1080p HD Videos and gives you an exclusive access to SWTOR Savior forum.



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SWTOR Savior Guide Sample Screenshot

SWTOR Savior Guide


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SWTOR Savior Guide Videos


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SWTOR Savior Guide

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5 thoughts on “SWTOR Saviour Review

  1. Swtor Savior is far beyond where traditional strategy guides, it saves me more time for lot of mistakes and frustrations.

  2. I ordered it earlier, this PDF guides cover the first 10 levels. The website is updated compare to other guides i ever had! Very recommended!

  3. I’M GLAD I GOT THIS GUIDE and I wish I had seen it before! Been playing this weekend and have gone from a level 8 Sith Inquisitor to Level 28 in 2 days!!!

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