SWTOR Pre-Orders – now at 400K

As SWTOR officially announced that they game are now available for pre-order, the sales never stop in climbing. Now in unofficial sales data from VGChart, Star Wars: The Old Republic now with 413,543 sales, now at number at most pre-ordered games in the Americas ranked by unit sales.

SWTOR Pre-orders

It’s a great head start for Bioware and LucasArts for successful campaign and we look for to climb the sales and might topple the record numbers set by WoW Cataclysm expansion.

As for the record, WoW Cataclysm has 550,000 pre-order sales and 3.3 million sales world wide on its launch day on December 2010, according to Blizzard’s final count.

What you seen here is just a small fraction of sale at VGChart there are more from GameStop, Best Buy and pre-orders via Origin Store.

Even there’s no official release when SWTOR will really be begin, lots of Star Wars / Gamers enthusiast keep on waiting, I’m sure it will be an exciting launch. Just be prepare and shop at SWTOR Credits Reviews for starting items and this will be a new sci-fi mobilization game.