SWTOR Pre-Launch Guild Program – Complete Details

SWTOR Pre-Launch Guild Program

SWTOR Pre-Launch Guild Program

Pre-Launch Guild Program is about to end, before 11:59PM CST. As they announced the official registration and reservation of guild’s name, which you can create new guild and begin recruiting members and import the guild directly into the game as the SWTOR launch.


Pre-Launch Guild Program Criteria

Now is the time to make sure that your guild meets the following criteria before Pre-Launch Guild Program ends:

  • Ensured that your guild meets the requirements for import to the game
  • Reviewed all pending guild application requests
  • Optionally, designated your guild’s Allies and Adversaries
  • Made any final changes to your Guild

You may do all the changes thru SWTOR Guild HQ but make sure to have your guild ported to the game and redeem your pre-order. If you haven’t pre-order yet, you may check the information and other details about Pre-Order SWTOR.


Why in needs that everything is properly placed?

Because as the guild is deployed to The Old Republic as a sign that end of the Pre-Launch Guide Program, all guilds on the website may not be altered in any way. This includes the following:

  • Creating and disbanding guilds
  • Adding and removing guild members
  • Promoting and demoting guild members
  • Adding and removing of allies and adversaries
  • Changing guild’s server type, time zone and language preference.


During this period guilds can still continue posting in their public and private forums and be notified via email your status in guild’s deployment.

To read more of the details you can check their SWTOR news page. Well I’m sure everyone is excited for most awaited game launch as well as the top swtor seller sites.