SWTOR Pre-Launch Guild Program Now CLOSED

SWTOR Pre-Launch Guild Program


Today SWTOR announced that the Pre-Launch Guild Program for Star Wars The Old Republic is now CLOSED.

For those guilds that been qualified they will receive an email as notification for SWTOR Pre-Launch Guild import into the game before the game launch on the 20th of December.

This email will give you further details on how to your SWTOR Guild status as well as details about how to join your guild in-game. In emails this also contains more information about your guild as well as which server your guild has been assigned to, so you will know which one to select when Early Game Access begins.

By having these you can’t choose your desired server where your friends plan at. Also there is no assurance that your list of Allies and Adversaries are all in the same server, so it may change depends on them. This is the down part having this SWTOR Pre-Launch Guild Program.