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Is GameIM scam site or Legit? Find out first-hand encounters regarding paying for Gold, powerleveling and in-game items from this gold seller. Discover GameIM delivery time and check out consumer feedback to find out answers to the most frequently asked questions. Is legit? Is GameIM safe and reliable? GameIM Review!


GameIM Review EASE OF USE 45 star
PRICE 45 star
45 star
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Ease of Use 5 star 5 star 45 star
Price 45 star star 45 star
Reliability 5 star 45 star 45 star
Cust Support 5 star 45 star 45 star
World of Warcraft check check check
Tera check check check
RIFT check check check
Diablo 3 check check check
Live Chat check check check
Phone Support check cross check
eMail Support check check check
FAQ Section check check check
Order Tracking check check check
Blog/News check cross check
Coupons check check cross
Low Price Guarantee check cross
PayPal check check check
Credit Card check check check
Money Bookers check cross check
Western Union check cross check
Google Checkout cross cross cross
Money Order check cross cross
Visit Website Visit Website Visit Website’s three-month global Alexa traffic rank is 123,805. The site’s visitors view 8.2 unique pages each day on average. Search engines refer approximately 12% of visits to the site. We estimate that 60% of the site’s visitors are in China, where it has attained a traffic rank of 19,770. has been online for at least six years.

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GameIM Review

GameIM Review


Find out if GameIM is legit or a scam site? Learn first-hand experiences pertaining to purchasing SWTOR Credits, powerleveling and in-game items from this gold seller. Discover GameIM delivery time and check out consumer feedback to find out answers to the most frequently asked questions. Is legit? Is GameIM safe and reliable? GameIM Review!



SWTOR and other top MMORPG like Warcraft are being catered with GameIM services. They provide selling in-game currency (SWTOR Credits), powerleveling, items and accounts, CD keys along with other services as well. Without being haltered, GameIM continue to keep broaden their MMORPG service. Like the majority of the other MMORPG services we researched. GameIM includes a list of the games they provide services for on their main page and also includes help support features such as live chat as well as account login information.

They are one of many company provides competitive prices in game currency, power leveling as well as CD key. GameIMs main concern are selling in-game items and currency. Keeping their website current with the most recent games as well as optimal help support for transactions are GameIM focus.

Ease of Use 45 star
Price 45 star
Reliability 45 star
45 star


24/7 Customer Support


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GameIM Coupons

In search of GameIM discount coupons? For all those looking for discounts and avail products bonuses of GameIM SWTOR Credits and power leveling we looked for online trying to search for GameIM discount coupons, best prices, discount codes, promo and bonus code. But unfortunately we can’t give you a GameIM coupon in the mean time. But we’ll update this page when we found one and we received reply from GameIM about exclusive coupon code for SWTOR Credits Reviews users only! Kindly bookmark us for quick page access.

Is GameIM Safe?

Is GameIM really safe? Regarding their user account safety and feedbacks with their services we do our study and read gigantic feedbacks. We find it one-sided and could loose site authority if we speak out for our self regarding GameIM. For those who had made experiences with GameIM, we really encourage you to leave your reviews down below to fnd out is GameIM safe or not!

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Share your experience with GameIMs in case you discover it scam or legitimate and we will highly thank you for share. Kindly post your review below, write about this submit with your pals and allow them to figure out is GameIMs a Reputable or Scam!

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  1. I ordered a product of this site and they will not deliver i now am missing £40 and nothing from these pieces of crap. These guys just rip you off and when you are trying to contact them on chat they act like spastics, just giving you the same old bull$#*! and they refuse to refund me. I swear if i can some how find out where they are based or how to hack their servers I will…

  2. First of all awful customer service you feel like your talking to a child, they either can’t spell or they ignore you! You also do not receive any product, I STRONGLY advise do not buy from them unless you like giving SCAMMERS money.

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