Epictoon Review

Epictoon Review


Epictoon Review – your guide to find out is epictoon scam, is epictoon safe or is epictoon legit. Get the latest epictoon coupon code and epictoon discount for more epictoon gold.


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WOW Gold is World of Warcraft’s or SWTOR Credits for Star Wars The Old Republic is the unit of currency. If you have been playing game for a long time you will understand that having gold in wow is very important to enjoy this game to the maximum. Too many players settle for the satisfactory quest gears when they really dream of having the best gear including full tier sets, devastating weapons and an epic flying mount to get around on. To buy cheap wow gold, it is your perfect choice to choose Epictoon.com – the best wow gold sellers. As the most outstanding gold set store, as they always offer customers the cheapest wow gold with least profit to earn. Below are some facts and reviews about Epictoon.com.

Epictoon Review: About Epictoon.com

Epictoon is not new with RMT business they been up for business since 2009. Unlike Starwarscredit.com, swtorsell.com, and swtor-credit.com that been created this year just for SWTOR Credits.

Epictoon is known for being the best source if you’re looking for wow gold according to http://bestwowgoldsitereviews.com and also No.1 supplier for rift platinum as per http://riftplatreviews.com/. As I assume they continue they legacy being the top company if looking for swtor credits since they both hit No.1 for both big games.

Below I’ll provide you some analytics data I gather when I searched about who is Epictoon really is and collect editor and user reviews for your reference.

EASE OF USE: I found their website easy to use. I can have my order placed with their 1-2-3 buying steps. Game icon is big enough to easy to find which game you would prefer to order.

DELIVERY: Got problem with their speed delivery, I can’t say they are the fastest but not the slowest either. Just a quick share, I do a test and post my order at 10 PM and I wait my order until 12 MN and no signs they can have my swtor credits so I decided to sleep and when I woke up 6 in the morning I already have my credits.

PRICE: they are not the cheapest but they market their product in highly competitive price.

SAFETY: I have no complaint against their safety since I tried their services many times back since WoW days but any of my accounts got banned.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: I had a chance to chat with them for a couple of times since I usually ask their support if they already have stock for this particular server before placin my order so I have my order priority and have my gold asap. What I like about them is their friendly approach that I don’t feel any hesitation when inquiring. They had this good English too unlike others that sounds like robot because of barbaric english. :P

Click here to visit Epictoon.com


epictoon coupon

Coupon Code: EPICBANG

Coupon Bonus: 12% SWTOR Credit Bonus

Validity: January 10, 2012 

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Checking epictoon.com using domaintools is one way to lookup for domain ownership since DomainTools has the most comprehensive collection of domain name ownership records. Here’s the domain records data for Epictoon that I would like you guys to look at.

domaint tools - epictoon

Epictoon is not owned nor manage by a Chinese guy therefore Epictoon is not a Chinese site. Since found it from past


It would be interesting to know how many traffic and how many unique visitors a site has. Those figures are one basis how they popular they are and how many people interested with their service.

Below we use a great free web tool to check Epictoon’s monthly unique visits. Compete.com is mostly used by marketer to check website’s traffic and able to compare with your competitors. This data are very useful when creating search marketing, business development, media planning and competitive strategy.


Epictoon.com is ranked #275,094 in the world according to the three-month Alexa traffic rankings. Visitors to the site view 2.5 unique pages each day on average, and approximately 51% of visits to this site are bounces (one pageview only). Visitors to Epictoon.com spend about 75 seconds on each pageview and a total of three minutes on the site during each visit. The site has a relatively good traffic rank in the city ofFt Myers (#4,650)

To sum it up, Epictoon doing good things for the last two years (2010 & 2011). These were proven by users who had experience to buy gold from them and reviews who gave them good rankings. Epictoon is one of the highly recommended company not only from WoW and Rift but also now for Star Wars: The Old Republic. As they try to improve more their website designs and site speed; their speed delivery and even their prices, as  i notice they try to keep as cheapest as much as possible well they are not the cheapest but competitive. But with their customer support, hands-off! They have these group of people that easy to approach incase you  have inquiries.

So far, Epictoon is No.1 in my list as the MOST RECOMMENDED SITE if your looking for SWTOR Credits.

Click here to visit Epictoon.com

We will gladly appreciate if you share your experience below by leaving a  comment about your experience with Epictoon and serve this a guides for others who want to have a transactions with them.

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10 thoughts on “Epictoon Review

  1. I just bought earlier a 100K Credits and..

    Price: not cheap but cheaper compare to IGE
    Delivery: less than an hour
    Satisfaction: okay

  2. I laughed at the barbaric english thing.. but this is an intensive review. I am not much into online transactions like these but this is a great guide for those who would use the system in the future.

  3. SWTOR Secrets is the first true strategy guide written for SWTOR, making it a massive opportunity for anyone interested in getting into the gaming niche. And because this guide is so unique and has so little competition, traffic will surge into your landing pages, eagerly eating up whatever content you provide. Conversion rates are through the roof right now, meaning you do less work and make more money for your time.Enjoy!!!

  4. I just ordered 10k gold from these guys, I got 11000 gold in total wich means I got 1000 gold for free. They have fair prices and good service from my experience, this was second time I ordered from them. Got the gold ~1 hour after my payment went through!

    People who say they suck need to remember if you are on a populated server it may take longer to get ur gold because of how many gold orders ur server gets

  5. was a bit skeptical because i’ve never done this before. so i tried just the minimum 300k credits and to my surprise i got it in less than 30 minutes. very recommended!

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